UGT1A1 Test

Full Name: Uridine Diphosphate glucuronosyltransferase 1A1, G

The following information provides a overview of the UGT1A1 Test test.


GenesFX Health tests for a change in UGT1A1 that occurs in most people who have Gilbert syndrome.

People with this change have slightly raised levels of the substance called bilirubin which is found in liver function tests. GenesFX Health tests for a change in UGT1A1 that  reduces the rate of liver processing called glucorinidation) and this may affect people taking certain drugs.  These drugs are irinotecan,Atazanavir,indinavir,niotnib.. For Irinotecan people with Gilberts syndrome are at greater risk of low white blood cellls and diarrhoea.
For people taking atazanavir or nilotnib  people with Gilbert syndrome develop jaundice. The drugs raloxifene and etoposide  are metabolised by UGT1A12 and altered metabolism is observed in Gilbert syndrome. 

There is a case report of a person with Gilberts syndrome developing a speech disorder when taking Lorazapam and Olanzapine.

Glberts syndrome is very common and occurs in 10% of the population. Unless the person takes the above drugs there is no usual medical consequences although people are sometimes puzzeled why their liver function tests usually show raised bilirubin levels. The diagnosis can be established by doing the UGT1A1 test (Gilbert syndrome test).

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