Full Name: Thiopurine Methyltransferase

The following information provides a overview of the TPMT test.

Description: Thiopurine methyl transferase (TPMT) is an enzyme that is involved in the metabolism (chemical process) of the changing of Azathioprine, and other drugs in the thiopurine class to active chemical substances called 6-thioguanines. TPMT acts by regulating the amount of the 6-thioguanines, by channelling some of the chemicals to inactive chemicals. This keeps the 6-thioguanines at the right level. If there is not enough TPMT, it cannot regulate 6- thioguanine and the excess levels of 6-thioguanines attack and destroy white blood cells. GenesFX offers TPMT test as a DNA test. It gets a fast test result in just a few days and is much faster than the alternative chemical test.
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