Drug Category: Analgesic
Drug Sub-Category: Opioid analgesic

Why is this test recommended by our clinical team?

In medicine, one size doest not fit all. Two people who take the same medication may have very different responses.  

Strong evidence now indicates that your genes play an important role, just as they contribute to whether you are tall or short, bruntette or blonde. 

Whiles standard doses work of most medicines work for most people, many medications do not work at all in certain people or can cause annoying and sometimes dangerous side effects in others.

A genetic test for Codeine is recommended by our clinical team, as it has been shown that this enzyme is important in how the drug is handled in the body. 

The test results can provide you and your doctor with a better understanding of how you respond to this drug. This can improve health outcomes, prevent adverse drug reactions and save moeny spent on inefectual medication. 

Specific Gene Tests Available for Codeine:

Group Gene Tests Available

DNAdose Test 

DNAdoseThe DNAdose gene test is available for this drug  and in addition covers drug response for 50% of commonly prescribed medications. More Information

...alternatively consider a single gene test

Single Gene Test(s) Available

Tests can be ordered as a single gene tests for Codeine 

Alternative Names:

Actacode (Australia) Bepro (United Kingdom) Codeine Contin (Canada)
codeine linctus (Australia) Codeine linctus (Australia) Codeine Phosphate (Alternative Generic Name)
Codeine Phosphate (Australia) Codeine Sulphate (Alternative Generic Name) Cold and flu relief (Australia)
David Craig (Australia) Galcodine (United Kingdom) Gold Cross codeine linctus (Australia)
Methylmorphine (Alternative Generic Name) Panadeine Forte (Australia)